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Understand the FPS Registration Paper

The FPS register: This indicates which of the above registers the animal is found in. Vb denotes the Foalbook, i.e. that the animal has not been presented for studbook inspection yet, or was not taken into the particular register for whatever reason. Stamboek under the register means the horses has been accepted into the studbook after inspection.  Ster (star) is awarded if an animal possess a variety of exceptional traits. This is awarded for both conformation and movement.

Sex: Mare (merrie), Stallion (Hengst), gelding (ruin).

Registration number: Every Friesian in the studbook’s various registers has a registration number. The last nine digits are known as the life-number. This always starts with the four digits of the birth year, followed by another five digits. This number can be used to look all that particular horse’s information up on the official KFPS studbook’s website (

Chip number: The number of the microchip that was implanted as a foal at foot

Date of birth

Inteelcoefficient: This is an indication of inbreeding of the particular animal. As the Friesian studbook is a closed studbook, the risk of inbreeding is a reality. An inbreeding coefficient of more than 5% is frowned upon.

Registered name: This is the name of the animal when it was registered after birth. The name can NEVER been changed in the studbook.

 The second line of the paper is made up of the following (in order from left to right):

Dates of presentation and outcomes: Vb means taken up as a foal, star means awarded star at that date.

Kleur (colour): Black. If there were any acceptable white markings these will be noted as Aftekening Toegestaan. If there were unacceptable white markings, these will be noted as Aftekening niet Toegestaan.  If the horse has unacceptable white it will be registered if it has studbook parents ie. Studbook or any of the Bijboeks.  However this foal will always remain in the Foalbook.

Schofthoogte (height of the withers): given in cm.

Dates of premies awarded:  These are awarded if the foal is judge before the age of 1

The last block will be the information about the original breeder, and then all the various owners (with addresses and dates).

The last and largest section of the paper is dedicated to the family tree. This will always go back 4 generations. When a Friesian horse is said to have a full paper, it means that the last 3 generations of the dam line are all Ster or higher. The sire’s line will already be full papered as this is a prerequisite for approval.