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Over the years we have seen the popularity of the Friesian horse grow in South Africa. In keeping with the breed criteria set out by the KFPS the Friesian breed is moving towards a more marketable modern sport horse. The KFPS have seen the need to evaluate the sport potential of the Friesian. It is through the performance test below that this can be accomplished. The results from the performance tests help breeders/buyers to work out the potential sporting ability of an individual horse. The IBOP test need to be judged by KFPS judges, this can be done when we have our Annual Judging. The Sport Predicate can be obtained through local Discipline Association competitions. At this stage in South Africa we are only able to award “Sport” to horses with dressage ability. We hope in the near future to be able to award “Sport” for carriage driving.

IBOP Rules and Info - Driven & Ridden 2015
IBOP Ridden 2015 
IBOP Driven 2015
Sport Application - Dressage