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Every year the FPSSA bring KFPS judge to South Africa to judge foals, 3 year olds, Ibop tests and Breeding permission. The judges are appointed by the KFPS to travel around South Africa to judge all our members horses. Judging is an important process for all breeder and Friesian owners to see the potential of each horse. The accolades & premiums awarded play in important part in breeding programmes and are also useful information for potential buyers.

Judging Information / Forms

Judging Application Oct 2014
IBOP  Driven & Ridden 2014 General Infomation
IBOP Ridden Test 2014
IBOP Driving Test 2014
Judging Class description
Diagram of Judging Area
2014 Judging / Inspection Rules
Stallion Inspection Rounds Regulations
Stallion Inspection Rounds Applications


DNA is required from ALL foals and their mothers. The following applies

1. DNA to be taken by a registered vet or KFPS Judge at the time of judging.
2. Should the foal need be weaned from the mother before the judging, the foal needs to be microchiped by a
registered vet before the foal is weaned.
3. DNA to be placed in a clean envelope or small plastic bag
4. The bag/envelope is to be marked clearly with the horse/foals name and registration and
chip number if no registration number is available
5. The bag/envelope must be sealed with tape and signed on the tape by the vet or judge
6. The FPSSA will organise for the DNA to be sent to for testing. The cost of the DNA Test is for the
owners account.
7. The FPSSA will keep records of all DNA results.
8. All relevant documentation and payment, is to be submitted with the DNA and sent via registered mail to the
FPSSA office, within 1 month of the foal’s birth if not a late registration fee will apply.
9. Birth Certificate (White certificate issued by the stallion owner) with micro- chip
number and relevant signature from the vet or KFPS Judge on the Birth Certificate
10. Send to FPSSA Office – P. O. Box 9697 Brentwood Park 1505
11. Any DNA sent to the FPSSA office that has not adhered to the above regulations will not be
submitted for testing.
12. It is the responsibility of the owner to check that the FPSSA office has received the DNA and to follow up on the