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Foal Judging and Premies

Once a foal is born, the Studbook is notified in writing. The foal is then admitted into the Voorlopige Veulen Register (VVR) / Preliminary Foal Register. *****A temporary blue paper is issued, and is need by the owner for the foal to be judged. Please remove this sentence This judging takes place either with the foal at foot or within the year that the foal turns one. At this stage the foal will then be admitted into the Foal Book, and an official laminated KFPS paper will be issued to the breeder/owner. If for whatever reason the foal is not judged chipping is also accepted, but the foal must be of KFPS registered Studbook parents, that is, Studbook, Bijboek I etc. If the foal is judged at this stage (at foot or with in its first year) a premie (premium) will be awarded by the judges using a mathematical evaluation scale. There are 3 premies, namely first, second, third. If the foal does not receive enough marks, it will not be awarded a premie (niet gepremeed). With colts it is slightly different. All colts receive a premie like with the fillies, but this premie remains with the colt for life. The colt is re- judged as a 3 year old stallion and unlike with the mare a stallion will receive a star or no star. There are no premies attached to these stars like with a mare. The premie is a way to evaluate the young foal, and also the breeding ability of the. It should be remembered, however, that this premie is not the defining aspect of a foal. Two great examples are Teade 392 (given a 3rd premie) and Minste 367 (niet gepremeed). Both have become great 1st premie stallions, approved on offspring. However, the foal premie remains a helpful guide to both breeders and the Studbook as a means to evaluate the stallion.


At the age of 3 years or older a Friesian horse should be presented for studbook judging. There is a difference in the way the young mares and stallions are judged at this point. The stallions are shown (at this time in Holland and the USA only) at the Eerste Bezigtiging (First Viewing) at the beginning of December. Here the best will be awarded Ster (Star) and will be invited into the next round of viewing. The stallions that do not receive a star will not be allowed to be selected as an approved studbook or foal book breeding stallion and will not continue in the stallion selection. Most of South Africa's Foal Book stallions have reached these stages of the stallion evaluation process. There are 2 more rounds (Second and Third Viewing). This is done during the Stallion Show at Leeuwarden on the first weekend in January. The best stallions are then invited to partake in the final 70 day test after this time; a stallion that has accrued enough marks will become an approved breeding stallion. His name is changed (and his number added) and he is admitted into the studbook. All other stallions will remain in the Foal Book permanently. All approved stallions will again be evaluated once his first offspring reach the age of 3 years old. Depending on whether he has improved the breed, he will either receive permanent breeding approval or be disapproved. Upon disapproval, the stallion will be removed from the main studbook and placed back into the Foal Book.

As the amount and quality of Friesian horses increase in South Africa the FPSSA will be looking toward having their own Studbook stallions that are bred and judged here in South Africa, much like America.