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Categories of Friesian Horses

Hulpboek: This is a closed book that was created in order to collect as many mares with locally confirmed linage into the KFPS at the time of conception of the FPSSA.  In 1988 it was decided to split from the Friesperd Telersgenootskap.  The FPSSA was started and formed a direct allegiance with the mother studbook, the KFPS. Many of these mares had lineage from the original stock that had been imported into RSA over the last 40 years

Bijboek III: This is a closed book that was created for South Africa by the KFPS, to allow non-lineage confirmed mares to be taken into a subsidiary book during the start of the FPSSA.  As nothing was known of these lineages, it will take much longer for the offspring of these horses to breed up into the higher books. The colour of this registration paper is blue purple.

Bijboek II: This is an active register for animals with early unknown parentage, or  those that have been bred by stallions without a breeding permission. The colour of this paper is blue and pink

Bijboek I:
This is an active register for animals that are produced by stallions that have Foalbook breeding permission, and/or out of mares that are not in the main studbook. The colour of this paper is orange and pink.

Main Studbook:  The Studbook is for Friesian horses which are sired by FPS Studbook Stallions with Approved Breeding Privileges and produced by mares entered in the FPS Studbook. 

All Friesian horses registered with the FPSSA will fall into one of the above categories.   These categories and the information in the table below allow breeders and owners to determine how they will be breeding each mare.  It is important that the breed is improved and that all horses should be breed up.  In South Africa we only have 3 Studbook stallions and 10 Foal Book Stallions that are approved for breeding.  By using these stallions in conjunction with the table below will ensure that owners and breeders continue to improve the breed.  Any other stallion will result in the offspring falling into a less desirable category.  

Registration Procedures Active Since KFPS AGM 2005